Newsworthy Ghost Island

Sketches and Songs

Here you can download mp3s of individual radio plays and songs featured on the show. Right click and select “Save Link As” to download.

Episode the First

The Human Chord – Prepare to be smacked fulla funk by the awesome adventures of The Human Chord. A musical superhero.

The Mambo – “You’re the worst doctor ever!”

Episode the Second

Aliens – A duo of libertarian ranchers find a crashed flying saucer on the range. What to do?

The Journalists Find a Computer – Alex, David, and David explore the island’s mysterious jungles and uncover equally mysterious ruins.

Episode the Third

Villainous Luncheon – A lunchtime meeting of VITRIOL, or the Villains’ International Tribunal of Really Insidious Operations and Lies, discussing evil plans.

Minions – An award-winning documentary by the late Clive Vanderhaus of QXJ News, examining the true life stories of minions for a megalomaniacal genius. See Are You Expendable? for a film documentary on another evil organization, A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D.

Episode the Fourth

Bears – A vintage commercial for the greatest animal on earth.

Combination Iron/Rolling Pin – A vintage commercial for the greatest kitchen appliance on earth.

Communist Detector – A vintage commercial for the greatest personal homeland security system on earth.

I Love Island Trek – I love islands, and islands love me! A classic television show.

Episode the Fifth

The Human Chord Episode II – The massive musical musical might of the Human Chord returns. This time, the Chord and Soundtrack face Appoggiatura, Queen of Pop.

Episode the Sixth

Montana Morris – World-renowned paleontologist, ace fighter pilot, and champion middleweight curler Montana Morris fights Nazis as they try to raise an army of undead dinosaurs.

Episode the Seventh

Alex Meets Dinosaurs – Alex ventures out into the jungle to find the Island’s mysterious dinosaurs, and gets a little more than she bargained for.

Ship of Science – Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Pythagoras, Mary Curie, Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Albert Einstein form history’s most notorious pirate crew. Aboard their sturdy science vessel – The Black Proton – the scientist pirates search for the fabled treasure of The Theory of Everything.

Episode the Eighth

Mr. Jeffries’ Locality – Yet another shining example of Newsworthy Ghost Island’s educational programming for younger listeners. Join Mr. Jeffries in his living room, then take a magical journey on the River of Dreams to the Land of Implausibility.

“The Sharing Song” – Sung by the Snuffets in the Land of Implausibility. Sharing can be fun!

Episode The Ninth

The Curious Adventure Of The Talcum Spot – An adventure featuring the Great Undead Detective, Merlock Bones. Bones and his new assistant Fenris MacDougal uncover a devious murder plot, all centered around a mysterious, powdery deposit.

The Andean Wombat – Artemis St. Claire, the hottest private investigator in history, uses her unique deductive sense (read: foxy wiles) to solve the theft of a strange little statue.

Episode The Tenth

Cowboy Book Club – Gather round the ol’ coffee pot with the finest literary critics in the West: Dusty, Lefty, and Clyde. They discuss various 18th-century British authors, and how fine some of the ladies were.

Cowboy Cryptozoologists -Say hello once more to Moira, Leroy, and Curtis, the intrepid ranchers who encountered aliens oh-so-long ago. The trio deals with a mysteeeerious cattle rustler. A very mysterious cattle rustler.

Episode The Eleventh

The Season Finale – this is the tape we left for the gnomes to play just before the Monsoon Season hit. We have too many adventures to count, but trust me when I say that it is incredible. You will laugh. You will cry. You will gnash your teeth with wonderment. The finale.

Episode The Twelfth

The Monsoon Season Chronicles Opener: The Caves – David, David, and Alex wander in the cave system beneath the Island.

Episode The Thirteenth

The Monsoon Season Chronicles, Part 2: In The Land of Fire and Sand – The Trio meets new people, see new places, and understand the meaning of “pressganged labor”. Also, there are burlap sacks.

Spiderbat – He is vengeance. He is the night, or at the very least, very late afternoon. By day, Derek Powers works for a small record label in Milwaukee, but by night he is Spiderbat, caped crusader and protector of the small.

Episode The Fourteenth

The Monsoon Season Chronicles, Part 3: The Journey To Fiskland – The Trio and a newfound friend venture to the strange and furry country of Fiskland, where they are greeted by the enormously muscled and gentle Rölf.

Legendary Squink Adventures 2: Sailor Opportunity! – A fairly well-translated game, ported from the original Japanese. Squink, the brave Boy Adventurer, and his floaty fish-sprite Puffu have many experiential escapades in Pirate Lagoon Town.

Episode The Fifteenth

Montana Morris and The Pickaxe of Fate – Manful paleontological ace Montana Morris and his canine sidekick Jenssen fight Shaolin monks and huge buckets of ghee in a remote section of the Himalayas.

Episode The Sixteenth

The Monsoon Season Chronicles, Part 4: An Exquisite Performance – Rölf, the Journalists, Brian, and the whole crew journey to a grand performance aboard the mighty sky-barque of HILDEGARDE THE VALKYRIE. Hilarity ensues.

The Twin Nations – Hildegarde’s tribute song to Fiskland and Mooseland

Make Them Die – Hildegarde’s completely metaphorical song about perestroika


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