Newsworthy Ghost Island

Episode Nine: “He had a sort of dulled intensity, like a spoon made of butter.” by David
April 21, 2007, 2:18 pm
Filed under: Episodes

In this episode:

* we get mail from a fake African banker, a mysterious technological supergenius, and Don Imus!

* Artemis St. Claire, the hottest ghost detective ever, comes in, (bothers Alex) and tells us stories!

* Merlock Bones in The Curious Adventure Of The Talcum Spot

* Artemis St. Claire in The Andean Wombat

* Meanwhile, we play music and get more confused than a poodle dipped in pudding.

The episode!




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Your shows keep getting better and better. The two detective stories were outstanding; and I would put them up against any professionally produced radio story. Maybe you can sell the episode…with the proviso that in order for the purchaser to get the rights, they have to rescue you…although I don’t really want you to be rescued, because I enjoy the show too much.

Comment by a big fan

The adventures of Merlock Bones and his French-speaking Scottish sidekick should be Stanford’s next historical lit. series; this is more entertaining than any issue of the Strand!

Comment by rhan

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