Newsworthy Ghost Island

Episode Seven: Yarr. by David
April 8, 2007, 5:57 pm
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Episode The Seventh
In this episode:

* an argument about Pokémon

* The station tries to eat us

* Alex’s Dino-mentary!


A jolly good time, I’d say.

– David Rheinstrom


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Best show yet! Really liked the dino-mentary and the fearsome pirate Ben Franklin.

Comment by chocolatatwiga

Dinos, pirates, Ben Franklin, tons of pirates (literally)with scales, Dino Queens (er, not what it sounds like), Stephen Bloody Hawking, Heisenberg Uncertainty cannons…You guys have really hit your stride. Best show yet…but what about Schrodinger’s cat? And Schrodinger’s umlaut?

Comment by That Guy From Mendham

After much research, I have determined why you 3 have not been rescued. All attempts to triangulate your position have failed, even though you broadcast from the same place and the same time. Your island does not exist in our normal dimensional space, as evidenced by the fact that you have dinosaurs still roaming on your island! Therefore, you are in a space-time worm hole, which allows us to communicate with you by e-mail, googletalk, and AIM, and receive your radio transmissions, but because of the bending of the electromagnetic wavelengths, no location can be pinpointed for you! I estimate that it will take me at least 3.1 years to build a rescue chamber that can return you to normal space. Don’t despair, I will continue to work on this!

Meanwhile keep broadcasting the truely excellent shows. Loved the pirate scientist report.

The EagleEye

Comment by EagleEye

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