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Episode Six: I don’t want your Nazi hoagies, you fascist scum! by David
April 2, 2007, 12:29 pm
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This week, our show got eaten by the Weather Gods, or some such.

So after our initial broadcast we went back and re-recorded everything, with different microphones (you’ll notice it sounds different).

Episode The Sixth

Alex is still working on her dino-mentary from last week, so expect that soon.

In this episode:

Lots of excellent music!

An awesome sketch from the Ghost Of Pulp Heroes Past

The Return of Gnorman The Gnome!

-David R


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Dear David R. – so, you know about Steve Goodman! because you are from Chicago! which is really cool. Does the Old Town Music School still exist (in Old Town, in case I missed that part)? Because I got hit by a car there once and my guitar saved my life.

Comment by The other David's mom

To the other David’s mom,
The Old Town School of Music still exists (it is celebrating its 50th birthday)…and David R probably knows about Steve Goodman, because the song Lincoln Park Pirates was always one of my favorites.
So glad your guitar saved you!

Comment by David R's mom

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