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February 24, 2007, 3:35 pm
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Episode The Third

Here’s this week’s show. I’m really proud of how it turned out; the original broadcast was nearly flawless from a technical standpoint, and I’m especially fond of Minions, the 19-minute story that was given us by the Ghost of Clive Vanderhaus, the famous English radiojournalist.

Also, his name is a google bomb. Er. No, that’s not the word. What’s the term you use when a quoted phrase, searched for in Google, yields zero results? as in, it appears nowhere on the internet? (except now it will appear here on NGI! Bwaha!) I know there’s a word for that exact term: “thing-that-there-is-only-one-of-now-that-you’ve-written-it”.

Anyway, if you think of it, leave a comment. Or write us a letter! Thank you, those of you that have already written in. We love to hear from you! If you request songs, we may play them. It depends.

Tell us what you think of the show today; we worked hard on it.

-David R


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Excellent adventure! A technical masterpiece. And truthfully, it was actually funnier the second time through.

Comment by That Guy From Mendham

Are you thinking of google-whacks? Those have one appearance. For a while, I spent lots of time google-whacking.
The search engines, too, were filled with razor blades.

Comment by Running out of words that begin with E and K!

Nice to hear your voice and hear what you can do on the radio or podcast.

Thanks, Mr. Weiland! Good to hear from you! Glad to know you like it.

Comment by mr Weiland

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