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Episode Two! by David
February 17, 2007, 5:16 pm
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Episode The Second!

Episode two is up on the feed! We had some fine, fine adventures this week, and David, Alex, and I are more than pleased to share ‘ em with you.

Now, as long as we’re trapped on this island, we might as well make the best of it, and make the best of the show! If you’ve got any questions or comments, or if you’d just like to drop a line and say hello, email us at

Send us your question or whatever, a vague notion of where you’re from, and how to pronounce your name. It’ll be sort of like Prairie Home Companion, except we may edit the content of your question slightly to protect the innocent, and we may make fun of you.

You’re probably wondering why we have an email address – and, if we do, why can’t we just use it to get off the island?

Well, if I told you that, you wouldn’t want to listen to the episode. And then I’d cry.

Anyway, you all stay warm out there. Though it’s balmy as Burt’s Bees out here (wherever we are), I’ll wager that it’s probably pretty cold wherever our American listeners are. Namely, our families.

-David R


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Dave, Dave, and Alex,

Here it is. Your first comment. Treasure it. Bronze it. Tape it to your wall along with your first dinar.

Great podcast. Loved that pyr-rah-mid. Oh, and is the answer 42?

That Guy From Mendham

Comment by That Guy From Mendham

Here’s your second comment.

I know how to spell Mendham. It’s adrenocorticotropic that always makes me lose the spelling bee.

Comment by That Guy From Mendham

Comment number 2.

Bring back Curtis and Leroy!

Comment by That Guy From Mendham

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